New year: the good resolutions-health

The good resolutions 2018: a year without tobacco and with less alcohol. The first morning of the year is one of the best times to make good health decisions.

We always say that the 1st January is the best time to make good resolutions like losing as fast as possible the pounds piled up at the beginning of winter and during the festivities. Be faithful, kind to your spouse, patient with your children. Or drink less and stop smoking.
Moreover, the sale of nicotine patches or anti-smoking consultations are there to confirm that we must take advantage of these key moments, where decisions seem easier to take.

Two different addictions

You will have noticed that I said to drink less and stop smoking. And not the other way around. Because these are different addiction issues. We know that we do not need a very high number of cigarettes to find ourselves dependent. It is also known that in tobacco the low doses remain dangerous even if, the more one smokes, the more one is at risk. Moreover, the cancers of passive smokers remind us that one can risk one's life when one works in contact with tobacco - in a bar for example - or when one lives with a very big smoker. Studies on this long taboo subject are relentless.

Alcohol is always alcohol

For alcohol, the problem is different. Without falling into this scandalous campaign of some of our politicians - who count elsewhere in their rank of doctors - to authorize advertising for the products of the vineyard, especially to educate adolescents, it is true that the daily consumption of alcoholic beverages - and not just wine as one would like to believe in France - does not lead to addiction or health problems! It even seems - and this is serious work that says it - that the low alcohol consumption has a beneficial effect on our heart and our vessels.

More chances to win than lotto

But we must also remember what we call low doses: less than 3 glasses of wine a day for men and two for women. Beyond the health problems can begin and the benefits are drowned by the disadvantages. It is for this reason that we can say that we must drink less and not drink more. It is also an excellent test to measure one's own dependence. Anyone who can not limit their consumption, for example 4 weeks, is dependent and must consult.

See you in February for the drinkers. On the other hand for the addicts of the cigarette, no other alternatives that the sudden stop, helped or not by the patches, chewing gum, acupuncture or hypnosis. It's better than lotto, even if we say it's difficult, there will still be 30 to 40% winners.

Video: Mayo Clinic Minute: Be realistic with your New Year's health resolution (March 2020).