The stroke also affects young women

A multidisciplinary approach to providing emergency physicians with a knowledge base on ischemic stroke in young women was considered. It's about addressing unique challenges in assessing and diagnosing stroke to improve outcomes in emergencies.

How to detect stroke in young women? This question has lived Dr. Bernard P. Chang the time of a study. His research interests focused on psychological and cardiovascular outcomes after acute medical events such as stroke and acute coronary syndrome.

Multiple opportunities

Her work suggests that there are multiple opportunities to improve the detection and treatment of ischemic-type stroke in young women.
These are opportunities in terms of knowledge: causes (dissection of the cervical arteries, cardiac embolisms and thromboses), risk factors (contraception, tobacco, migraine, childbirth, autoimmunity and diabetes), differential diagnoses (migraine, hypoglycemia) , epilepsy, multiple sclerosis ...) and treatments (thrombolysis, endovascular treatments ...).
The authors propose clinical decision rules, educational campaigns designed to educate young women, and consideration of preventive strategies to lead to interventions that can improve outcomes for young people.

Towards a predictive future

The results support the need for increased transparency so that effective, cost-effective and high-quality care can be provided to all these young women.
« As with other thromboembolic disease processes, this study highlights the importance of recognizing non-atheromatous risk factors in premenopausal women who may be predisposing to stroke. "says Andrew W. Asimos, professor in the Department of Emergency Medicine.
Indeed, risk factors, exploring their existence in young women can help take into account the risk of stroke, even with more subtle clinical presentations.

As machine learning and artificial intelligence become increasingly integrated into the electronic medical record, researchers are predicting a future in which clinicians can anticipate this kind of pathology.

Video: Smoking and Stroke in Younger Women (April 2020).