Detox cure after the holidays: watch out for herbs and restrictions

Overdose of turkey or alcohol? After the excesses of the holiday season, we wonder who has the fatter liver! Some choose detox and black radish juice to recover.

During the holidays, we eat and drink a lot. This orgy of fats, sugars and calories hurts our liver and our body. Excesses that can be compensated but should we go to these cures of detox that we are sold to magazine length?

Herbalism and algae galore

Detox cures are clearly in fashion. Just open the magazines to convince yourself. Advice on essential oils, plants to consume or infusions to prepare abound.
But it's all about selling you something. The "detoxification industry" sells the idea that it is possible to remove all impurities (pesticides, heavy metals and fats) from your body and to recover almost new organs. But the scientific evidence is light or often lacking.
Should we attack black radish juice? This black radish would have a detoxifying and antiseptic action on the body, and would allow better elimination of toxins. Should we increase our intake of garlic, which contains sulfur compounds that act as heavy metal chelators? Or coriande? Or take chlorella supplements? These are all adsorbents, but is it useful after the holidays?

No demonstrated interest of detox cures

Australian researchers have been interested in this issue and have reviewed all the studies done on detox diets in a study published in the Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics.
They have sifted the results of a hundred or so more or less rigorous researches on the subject: none of them scientifically prove the benefits of these cures.

A healthy diet is enough

It is therefore better to favor a healthy and balanced diet after a feast, rather than rush on the latest detox treatment in fashion.
If you have drunk too much at a New Year's Eve, it is better not to drink alcohol again in the next few days to avoid harming a liver and a stomach, which are already in high demand. Avoid foods high in fat (fatty meat, cheese and pastries). Fruits, vegetables, lean meats, whole grains and plenty of water will be perfect. It is also necessary to reduce fried foods and sugar to return as quickly as possible within the recommended caloric limits. No need to finish the chocolate box!

Do not neglect physical activity

The holiday season also rhymes with good resolutions. But before starting or going back to sports, you can already compensate for excess caloric intake by moving a little more than usual. Walking for more than an hour or more than ¾ hour jogging for the most courageous: doing a little physical activity helps eliminate "toxins" and fats.
On the other hand, it is better to avoid activities that are too intensive the day after a holiday, and to focus on endurance activities: swimming, running or cycling.

Interest of sleep

The links between overweight and sleep deficiency have long been established. Go to bed before midnight and avoid waking up at dawn or, if the aurora is essential, to sleep for at least 8 hours, it restores the body and the brain and it is better for the metabolism. A restorative nap may be of interest.
In the end, the detox diets, whatever they are did not show more interest than a healthy diet. Especially since herbal diets or plant extracts may have some disadvantages, such as this young English who had managed to cause a disease with a detox diet based on valerian, a plant that causes dangerous drop in salt in the blood (hyponatraemia).

Beware, even sold in pharmacies, health claims on the packaging of food supplements forget to report their side effects.

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