Depression: injections of ketamine to chase away ideas of suicide

A new solution to prevent suicide? Researchers have proven the effectiveness of ketamine injections to calm suicidal thoughts. Its effects are felt from 24 hours.

Black thoughts are a consequence of depression and they can be very serious, leading to suicide attempt. To treat depressive states, heavy treatments are used.
Researchers have already studied the effects of ketamine on reducing suicidal thoughts. It is effective for patients with mild depressive disorders.
A study was published in the American Journal of Psychiatry, proving the effectiveness of this molecule in treating patients with heavy depressive disorders and suicide ideas.

Positive effects from 24 hours

The researchers studied the effectiveness of ketamine by intravenous injection. Eighty depressed patients participated in the study, which was conducted under strict conditions. They had a severe form of depression. 54% of them were taking antidepressants. By random drawing, they were divided into two groups, one taking ketamine, the other taking midazolam, a potent sedative.
After one day of treatment, the reduction in depressive status was 5 points higher for the group taking ketamine compared to the others.

Effects that persist

This improved efficacy of ketamine on suicidal ideation was still valid after six weeks of testing. Promising results for patients who do not tolerate antidepressants. Ketamine nevertheless has risks of addiction, research for large-scale use of this molecule will therefore take time.

In the United States, it is a treatment already offered in some health centers, and sometimes even partly reimbursed by insurance companies.

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