The French want to change the law on PMA, GPA, euthanasia and genetic manipulation

Following the campaign promises of Emmanuel Macron on the legalization of the PMA for all, and prior to the revision of the law of bioethics, an Ifop survey conducted by La Croix reveals a profound transformation of the French mentalities on the subject.

In the perspective of the Estates General of Bioethics, to be held during the 1st quarter 2018, prior to the revision of the law of bioethics, an Ifop survey conducted by La Croix reveals the profound changes of mentality on the subjects of PMA, GPA, euthanasia and genetic manipulations on the embryo human.

Strong evolution on reproductive issues

Six in 10 French people are in favor of extending the right to the PMA for homosexual couples, a clear evolution compared to 2013 when they were only 47%. In addition, 57% are in favor of single women.
The detailed analysis of the questionnaire reveals that there are no major differences by age and political preferences. Regarding Gestation for Others (GPA), 64% of French people would be in favor, 46% for medical reasons and 18% in all cases.

Legalize euthanasia

Regarding the end of life, 47% of French people think that euthanasia must be legalized, 24% that euthanasia and assisted suicide must be legalized, and 18% that only assisted suicide should be legalized. In the end, only 11% of French people are opposed to change.
In the survey, euthanasia is defined as "the possibility for a patient suffering from an incurable disease to ask a doctor to end his life". As for assisted suicide, it is defined as the "possibility for a third party to deliver a lethal product allowing the one who wishes to put an end to these days".

Conditional genetic manipulation

Before birth, and when it comes to curing the most serious diseases, 80% of French people agree on the genetic manipulation of human embryos.
On the other hand, if it is to improve certain characteristics, such as the size and the color of the eyes, of the unborn child, 78% are opposed to it.
Ninety percent of them say that gamete donation should remain free and 80% declare that it is anonymous.

A participatory website

A dedicated website should be launched soon to gather the opinions of French citizens, learned societies and associations. Mid-January would be the informal date for the kick-off of the Estates General, which aim to end on July 7, 2018, the anniversary of the law of bioethics of July 7, 2011.
The interministerial work of drafting the bill should be held in parallel with the conduct of the Estates General, in order to finalize it during the summer and to table it in Parliament in the autumn.

According to the experts, the overall results of the survey result from a decline in the influence of religion and a rise in individualism: everyone now wants to live his life and make his choices as he sees fit.

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