Plastic surgery can treat some migraines

Treating certain migraine headaches with any medical treatment by surgery is effective. American researchers have shown that surgery reduces seizure violence, its frequency, but also improves the skills of patients who have been very disabled before.

To treat certain migraines, thanks to the surgery, that seems possible, and the results would be good. A study published in the Journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons shows that after one year, patients have less migraine headaches, they are less strong and above all, the daily tasks that were difficult for them become simpler.

Surgery on the trigger areas

Treatment of migraine by surgery is performed when other medical treatments do not work and only for certain diseases. These are patients with chronic and severe migraines, where a trigger zone is identified. The operation aims to deny these trigger areas that are related to headaches. It is by performing plastic surgeries of the forehead that surgeons have realized the effectiveness of this type of surgery on certain migraines.

Improvements one year after the operation

90 patients participated in the study, all had plastic surgery against migraine. Before and after this operation, they answered a questionnaire on their migraines, the MHI, for migraine headache inventory, and the PSEQ, a self-assessment questionnaire for pain.
Before the operation, the patients had low scores in the PSEQ, which reflects a strong handicap. One year after the operation, their score improved on average by 112%. The migraine-specific questionnaire shows a score improvement of 76% after the operation, which means that migraines are less frequent, shorter and less violent.

These operations represent a hope for migraine sufferers, since 10 to 15% of them do not respond to treatments, and 5% have contraindications.

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