The number of students admitted to the second year of medicine increases

There will be more places this year at the entrance exam for medicine and pharmacy. Despite all the number of candidates remains well above the admitted.

Good news for medical students, the numerus clausus, that is the number of students admitted in 2e year of medicine, increases this year.
In medicine, this is a slight increase of 1%, which represents 81 more students for a total of 8205 places.

A modest increase

These new figures have been published in an order in the Official Journal. It also indicates a larger number of places in pharmacy: 19 more, for a total of 3124 places.
These places are spread throughout the territory. In Aix-Marseille for example, there will be 10 more in medicine, 10 in pharmacy. In the different faculties of Paris, the numbers are rather stable. There will be a few more places in pharmacy at Paris 5 and Paris 11. In Reims, six more places will be offered in medicine, eight in Montpellier and 15 in Lyon 1.

Decreases for some specialties

Nine places are abolished for midwives, down to 991. For students in the dental stream, there will be one pupil less, for a total of 1203 places. By 2017, the numerus clausus had already increased by 5.8%, showing the government's willingness to increase the number of physicians to cope with an aging and growing population. However, the number of medical candidates is still very high and the competition remains very selective. On average, 22% of students are received at the end of their first year.

Knowing that medical studies last for about ten years, it is not these increases that will solve the problem of desertification.

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