Undocumented: Agnès Buzyn disavows ARS-Paca. She's just applying the Hippocratic Oath!

At the moment when the psychiatrists express their dissatisfaction by recalling that they are not police auxiliaries, while the ARS Paca asks the psychiatric hospitals to collaborate in the expulsion of the undocumented ... Agnès Buzyn the Minister of the health, but also professor of medicine, intervenes and disavows his Regional Agency of Health ... It is not useless to recall that any doctor, registered with the council of the order, can be it only if he pronounced, with high and intelligible voice, the oath of Hippocrates. Apparently our minister remembers it perfectly ...

Hippocrates born in Greece, 460 years before our era, founder of modern medicine and especially ethical rules that have not taken a ride ...


At the time of being admitted to practice medicine, I promise and I swear to be faithful to the laws of honor and probity.

My first concern will be to restore, preserve or promote health in all its elements, physical and mental, individual and social.

I will respect all people, their autonomy and their will, without any discrimination according to their state or their convictions. I will intervene to protect them if they are weakened, vulnerable or threatened with integrity or dignity. Even under duress, I will not use my knowledge against the laws of humanity.

I will inform patients of the decisions they are making, their reasons and their consequences.
I will never deceive their trust and will not exploit the power inherited from circumstances to force consciences.

I will give care to the needy and to anyone who asks me. I will not be swayed by the thirst for gain or the pursuit of glory.

Admitted (e) in the intimacy of the people, I will hide the secrets which will be entrusted to me. Received (e) inside the houses, I will respect the secrets of the hearths and my behavior will not serve to corrupt the mores.
I will do everything to soothe the pain. I do not unreasonably prolong the agony. I never deliberately provoke death.

I will preserve the independence required for the fulfillment of my assignment. I will not undertake anything that goes beyond my skills. I will maintain and improve them to ensure the best services that will be requested.

I will help my colleagues and their families in the face of adversity.

May men and my colleagues give me their esteem if I am faithful to my promises; that I be dishonored and despised if I miss it.