Stillborn baby in the hospital: the mother confides to Why Doctor his despair

She was 4 months pregnant and she learned that her baby was dead in her womb. Then, it only got worse. Difficult to mourn when you have never seen your baby and when the administration does not recognize it. Mom gave a phone interview to Why Doctor.

The tragedy goes back to October 3rd. A 29-year-old pregnant woman learns by passing an ultrasound that her baby is stillborn. The young woman is admitted to the hospital Jacques-Monod, 3 days later, October 6, in Le Havre to trigger the delivery. Why Doctor was contacted the young woman at his request to clarify the facts and its demands.

The midwife flushed the toilet

Under the effect of the treatments in use, it suddenly loses water and, without supervision and without experience (it is a 1era pregnancy), she rushes to the toilet. She loses a lot of blood and calls the midwife ... who just flushes!
This is followed by 3 days of repeated stimulation at the hospital, with no more results than increasing bleeding. On October 10, one of the doctors decided to do a curettage to discover that there are placenta residues but that there are no more babies. Then comes an infection as a bonus ... We would not believe in the 21st century or in France.

The law is poorly made

The story does not end there. Far from being cared for in the hospital's "perinatal mourning program", she must fend for herself to declare the death of her child.
But the administration is very rigorous: no birth certificate, so no death certificate. But why is there no birth certificate? Because motherhood, after all its errors, refuses to deliver one since it has not done childbirth ...
However, the young woman who was normally monitored, with all the necessary ultrasound evidence of a pregnancy, will learn 10 days later that the final curettage analysis revealed that she was pregnant with a little girl. This one was unfortunately affected by a genetic anomaly, a trisomy 18, at the origin of the death in utero. Again, she only learned it verbally. Still no paper and still no possibility to register his stillborn baby on the family record book ... and to mourn.

Simply recognize the pregnancy

The head of the maternity ward has never seen such a collection of errors and, by his own admission, "do not know what to say".
The young mother just wanted to see her child, but it was denied. She suspects the midwife who flushed the toilet to have, in a way, thrown away her baby.
She does not seek damages. Through her courageous and poignant testimony, when we called her, she only asked for two things.
First, that the inhuman treatment inflicted on him at the maternity hospital in Le Havre can not be inflicted on another young mother. Secondly, that the birth certificate should be drafted as soon as possible, or that the registry office should go through to record the death and finally register the child in the family record book.
In order to advance this delicate issue, the bereaved mother appealed to the Minister of Health, as well as to the First Lady, to force the hospital to recognize her mistakes and thus mourn. Why Docteur, as a whole, is repelled by this monstrous treatment inflicted on a young mother who is mistreated and mourning.

We do not know who the hospital, the administration or the Ministry of Health will be the first to repair these cascading errors, but we support this young woman in his approach.

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