Facial yoga makes objectively look younger

Performing facial weight training, half an hour a day for twenty weeks, rejuvenates the faces of women. This is the first time that a scientific study validates the beneficial effects of facial bodybuilding on the appearance of the face.

Look younger without going through cosmetic surgery or potentially toxic anti-aging treatments? This is possible by practicing facial exercises.
American researchers have been interested in the benefits of this practice on physical appearance. The results were published in the dermatology version of the Journal of the American Medical Association. This is the first time that scientists are interested in this subject.

Facial training session

With age, the skin tends to lose elasticity and the fat, which is between the skin and the muscle, becomes thinner so that the face "falls".
The women who participated in the study were 40 to 65 years old. They had two 90-minute sessions of facial training with a teacher. Then they continued for eight weeks, 30 minutes of exercise every day, and then for the other 12 weeks every other day. They practiced 32 different movements of the "Facial Yoga" series.

A face three years younger

With photographs, the dermatologists compared the results among the participants. On average, after twenty weeks, they looked almost three years younger. The women who tested this method were also satisfied with these results and found improvements themselves.
"If the muscle underneath becomes larger, the skin is strengthened and it is this firmer facial musculature that will help make the facial shape more full," says Dr. Murad Alama, one of the main authors of this study.
It is essentially a strengthening of the cheek muscles with a firmer aspect of the face.

If these results are confirmed in another study on one. more people, we will have a non-invasive method of improving the appearance of the face

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