Public Psychiatry: Malaise in French Services

In several hospitals, psychiatric caregivers denounce the deterioration of their working conditions and lack of resources.

At the hospital Guillaume-Regnier in Rennes, psychiatric staff has been on strike for nearly 9 weeks. Represented by the South Social Health union, he denounced the disinterest of the state and the limited resources available to French psychiatric services. However, psychiatric pathologies are the third most common diseases in France, behind cancers and cardiovascular diseases. But "the patient has become an object," denounces AFP Michel Roy, nurse at the hospital in Rennes. "I tell young people to run away." On the front of the establishment, banners summarize the problem: "hospital without beds", "give meaning to our work", "suffering at work".

As reported by France Info, nearly 1,400 reports related to malfunctions for cases of violence, lack of beds or understaffing were sent to the management, the labor inspectorate and the prefect. In vain. According to Goulven Boullion of Southern Health Social, the strike was decided following the "ras-le-bol" and the "suicide attempt of a colleague". "It is not uncommon to find a colleague alone at 11 pm to manage 15 people". At Amiens and Bourges, the situation is the same. If the Minister of Health Agnès Buzyn announced the thaw of 44 million euros, of which 500,000 will be awarded to the Guillaume-Regnier Hospital in Rennes, no timetable or budget has yet been advanced. The French psychiatric services feel aggrieved.

1 in 5 people affected by a mental disorder in 2020

Mental illnesses are a major public health issue. According to the Observatoire de la Santé, depression affects 18% of the global population, resulting in up to 200,000 suicide attempts each year, and in the most severe cases, 10,500 suicides. The WHO estimates that one in five people will be affected by a mental disorder in 2020, be it food, bipolar, linked to schizophrenia, depression or OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder). At present in France, 4.3% of the general population would be affected by phobic disorders, 12.8% of people have one day suffered from generalized anxiety disorders and 3.7% were victims of bipolar disorders.

Video: Adolescent Behavioral Health: A Public Health Crisis KDKA-TV Sunday Business Page (April 2020).