General medicine: the new plan to fight against medical deserts

A new zoning system has been put in place by the Regional Health Agency to fight against medical deserts, particularly in the Pays de la Loire where the shortage of practitioners occupies a large part of the territory.

In May 2017, MG France, the syndicate of general practitioners, announced that a new plan would be put in place to fight against medical desertification in certain French regions. That's done. Since the 1st In January 2018, the Regional Health Agency (ARS) set up a new zoning system in the Pays de la Loire to help install doctors.

Territories deficient, the north and south-east of Mayenne now appear on the new map in dark orange as areas "priority intervention". The rest of the department was colored in light orange, color attributed to the area of ​​"complementary action". The report is alarming: 46% of Pays de la Loire are affected by a shortage of practitioners, or risk being in the coming years. At present, there is a doctor for 2500 people in Mayenne, while the average is one doctor for 800 patients.

Financial aid and transition contracts

This new zoning system allows general practitioners to identify areas in need. A practitioner who settles in a "priority intervention" area full-time for a period of at least 5 years will receive an installation aid of € 50,000: the first half upon arrival and the second half Next year. An increase of 2500 euros is provided in case of exercise in a local hospital. According to the Regional Health Agency, this zoning system could expand in 2018 to other medical professions such as midwives and physiotherapists.

Then there are the transitional contracts granted for a period of three years (renewable once) to doctors contracted at the end of their career, practicing in a sub-dense and welcoming area in their office a licensed doctor under 50 years. Allowances will also be paid to practitioners welcoming young doctors on probation to encourage the new generation. A bill will also be presented on January 18 to the National Assembly by the mayenne MP Guillaume Garot to fight against shortages of general practitioners in some regions.

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