Is Donald Trump mentally ill? Make your diagnosis!

On the occasion of the release of a book, "Fire and Fury" which questions his mental balance and his ability to govern, Donald Trump defines himself as "very balanced genius". With ease ! However, psychiatrists do not have the same analysis but have the legal obligation not to mention it. It is therefore unlikely that their intuitions lead to an expertise of the man who holds in his hands a part of the future of the world.

Since the arrival of Donald Trump in the race for the presidency, American psychiatrists sound the alarm. A warning especially off ... Because the American Association of Psychiatry (APA) indeed imposes the American psychiatrists a rule: they are forbidden to make an individual diagnosis on a public figure.
The "Goldwater Rule" was introduced following the presidential campaign of 1964, won by Lyndon Johnson against Republican candidate Barry Goldwater. The psychiatric profile of the latter had been established by 12,000 practitioners. Among them, 1189 had declared him "psychologically unfit" for the presidential office, thus harming the smooth running of the campaign.

The reserve duty of doctors

A doctor can not carry a diagnosis, also in psychiatry, without a physical examination, attentive and serious of the person in question. But that does not preclude the assumptions and concerning the most powerful man on the planet, it is not a forbidden exercise.
Ralph Northam, a recently elected Virginia governor neurologist, distinguished himself in the election by calling President Donald Trump a "narcissistic maniac." For many psychiatrists, this expression deserved to be dug because medically incorrect and ethically illegitimate on the part of a doctor because of the "Goldwater Rule".
But nothing prevents everyone from getting their opinion ...

Narcissistic ?

American psychiatry has invented a very special diagnostic method called the DSM, a statistical and diagnostic manual for mental disorders. Each mental illness is broken down into easily identifiable personality criteria. In the case of the narcissistic personality, any person gathering at least five of the nine characteristics validated in the DSM probably suffers from pathological narcissism.
For Donald Trump we leave you judge. The chronicle of the daily life of the president, widely spread in the gazettes, the hundreds of SMS which he water the world, allow to confirm the hypothesis?

Diagnostic criteria of narcissism

The criteria for narcissistic personality according to the DSM of the American Psychiatric Association:
1 - Exacerbated sense of personality (ex: exaggerates one's own successes and talents, expects to be recognized as superior to one's peers, without particular achievement)
2 - Unlimited fantasies of success, power, intelligence, beauty or love
3 - Sense of being special, unique, only to be understood by people or institutions of higher rank
4 - Excessive demand for admiration
5 - Exacerbated sense of reward, preferential treatment or rallying to one's intentions
6 - Lack of scruples vis-à-vis others when it comes to achieving its objectives
7 - Lack of empathy
8 - Feeling that others are envious
9 - arrogant and haughty attitudes
At least five criteria and the diagnosis is likely ...


This is where the personality of the narcissist becomes less pleasant ... and dangerous! Narcissistic disorders are generally regarded as non-dangerous and do not theoretically call into question the capacity of judgment of those who suffer from it.
On the other hand, the "evil narcissist" suffers from antisocial behavior, aggression and sadistic impulses ...
Does this remind you of some recent facts?

What to do with these conclusions?

This analysis, inevitably fast, will it cause an expertise of the president? American law protects its presidents, which seems normal given the growing influence of social networks that carry a lot of unverified information. It is therefore likely that no action will be taken during his presidency.

But at other times, an expert opinion of Stalin, Hitler or Mao before they came to power might have avoided millions of deaths. It is true that they suffered from "paranoid delusions" ... No harmful narcissism!

Video: The awkward debate around Trump's mental fitness (March 2020).