Feeling the smell of your partner reduces stress. Odor marketing has long understood this.

A study from the University of British Columbia in Canada, published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology has shown that the smell of his companion would reduce the stress hormone. A result probably due to pheromones. Olfaction is one of our five senses the one that has regressed since the dawn of time yet some multinationals are working on olfactory marketing

This study adds to all the works that suggest that seduction would have a secret smell, produced without our being aware of it, by our bodies full of desires. A demonstrated effect in certain animals or plants. We have even identified the reason They are called pheromones. They are chemical substances, comparable to hormones, emitted by most animals and some plants, and act as messengers between individuals of the same species. Research is very active in men to learn more about its production of pheromones.

Man is the species that uses the worst of his nose. For almost a million years, with the biped station, he clearly favors vision. Another unknown characteristic is that feeling is one of the components of the alert system more than the search for pleasure: 80% of the odors detected by the man have an aversive connotation, only 20% are associated with a positive emotion. It is a sense that allows the danger to be removed more than to attract.

The most sensitive pregnant women

A peculiarity that explains the amazing phenomenon of the exacerbation of the olfactory sense in pregnant women. They have an unusual perception of odors because it is a natural goal of human evolution: to sharpen at home all the senses of the alert to the external dangers for its survival and that of its baby!

Dogs are apparently sniffing with a lot of pleasure, but if some people claim that one "chooses one's spouse especially to smell", which has never really been demonstrated, one must relativize the role of "natural" communication of smells ... since the advent of hygiene, 200 years ago. In our modern world where odor pollution is considerable, this recognition could only persist in a very "family" world with a lot of promiscuity without much daily toilet.

Odor marketing

Untapped sense, it was natural to see the birth of a marketing of smells. It starts with the scents "love potions", very popular on the net. The mechanism of action is astute: to propose to artificial molecules, according to their form, able to fit into certain sensory receptors of the loved one, as do two pieces of a Lego! The theory is seductive, the result not yet certified. Moreover the exaggerated use of perfumes is often not an asset, because it is only one element of the very broad sensory range used for seduction.

On the other hand, commercial manipulation is much more worrying. It is not abnormal to use the power of certain molecules to deceive the natural molecule. For example artificial flavors, banana, strawberry ... to make you want; Or the detestable odors to alert on domestic "poison" products.

But by creating an olfactory need, the goal is much more insidious, very "trendy" and above all effective: the lemon scent of cleaning products, show-rooms selling old cars with sandal and old-fashioned smell leather ... Exposed to an odor, one mentally builds an image and thanks to this very marked sensory effect, the handling of people becomes effective.

Dogs to detect diseases

Olfactive research does not only have negative sides. Let's move on to the now abortive attempt to develop an effective weapon of war without being dangerous, to persuade the enemy to surrender, to stop unpleasant smells! On the other hand, the scientific police base hopes with tests as accurate as fingerprints or DNA analysis! The doctors took over the technique of the police dog technique. The smell perceived by the animal becomes a quality that the dog feels as a success, if the master rewards it every time. We diverge with the dog the perception of an "alert" smell by that of a smell "reward". For example, and this is under experimentation, dogs sniff out urine to track sarcosine, a molecule that signals the existence of prostate cancer, undetectable by our known instruments. The first studies are indisputably positive.

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