Lactalis: a dozen complaints soon filed

A dozen families whose infants have consumed products from the Craon plant in Mayenne, have decided to file a complaint against the dairy group according to information from France Bleu.

A dozen parents who donated milk from the factory Lactalis Craon, in Mayenne, will file a complaint against the dairy group in the coming days. As reveals France Bleu, a dozen other complaints could follow by the end of February for "non-assistance to person in danger", "endangering the lives of others" and "involuntary injuries". These families want to understand what happened and whether the production chains could have escaped the sanitary controls following the revelations of Chained Duck.

Last January 3, the weekly claimed that salmonella contamination (on cleaning equipment and tiling) had already been observed in August and November during internal controls, but that the official veterinary checks for the month of September had proved negative. "The controls" were made on a site that does not correspond to the place where is produced infant milk, that's why we found nothing, "said the Minister of Agriculture Stéphane Travert at the microphone de France Info, dismissing all responsibility of the State: "The State was not defective (...), we could not know". But when the National Fraud Investigation Group went on site in December, the report of the Departmental Directorate of Social Cohesion and Protection of Populations (DDCSPP) - which had validated the controls in September - could not be found.

Craon production line temporarily closed

A first complaint had already been filed mid-December by Quentin Guillemain, dad of a three-month-old infant who had consumed a contaminated lot without falling ill. The latter has created a group of victims and has not stopped since receiving messages from worried or angry parents. Quentin Guillemain denounces "the indifference of the public authorities" and "the contradictions of the administration". On 20 December, the public health surveillance authority France has identified 35 babies with salmonellosis since this summer: 31 of them had consumed milk from the Craon plant. A judicial inquiry was opened at the end of December by the Health Department of the Paris Public Prosecutor's Office and the infant milk production line of the factory, temporarily closed.

Video: Lactalis admits baby milk could have been contaminated since 2005 (April 2020).