France Gall a 24-year fight against breast cancer

While her fight ended with the death of the singer, we must remember, for all the women who fight against this disease, that the remission lasted more than 20 years and that the prospects of healing increase every year in very important proportions.

First figures given by the National Cancer Institute.

Number of new estimated cases of breast cancer in 2015: 54 062.

Average age at diagnosis in 2012: 63 years old.

Nearly 80% of breast cancers develop after 50 years.

Number of breast cancer deaths estimated in 2015: 11 913.

Average age at death in 2012: 73 years old.

Net survival (ie the one we would see if the only cause of death for people with cancer was cancer) for women diagnosed between 1989 and 2010: 85% at 5 years, 76% at 10 years.

The history of France Gall, that of hundreds of thousands of women

Her husband, the "love of his life" as she liked to tell, Michel Berger collapses in the summer of 1992, victim of a heart attack, during a tennis game played in full sun. A brutal death, unexpected, which causes the singer a shock "physical" she will be responsible for breast cancer that is diagnosed the following year.

What about breast cancer and emotional shock? This is obvious for many people with this disease. It has become, for many, a certainty ... yet refuted by epidemiological studies on cancer in general: scientists do not find any significant statistical link between deaths, divorces or other psychological shocks. Physicians who like to be right have a logical answer: the appearance of cancer would occur at the age when one undergoes deaths, shocks ... In summary after the quarantine.

And medicine also questions the success of healing, the psychological strength and the desire to cure cancer. This is a case that is not nearly as clear as epidemiology would have us believe.

The evolution of cancer

The diagnosis is made in 1993. France Gall is 46 years old and she is supported with the most effective treatments at that time. It must be remembered that since then, research has made considerable progress, in particular with a better knowledge of the tumor and its prognosis, as well as the availability of many new treatments. This explains that the number of cures is improving year by year. It was estimated in 2016 that 90% of cancers detected early, that is to say without extension, healed


Now when diagnosing breast cancer, doctors talk about chronic illness to teach women that their fight against the disease will be long and perhaps enamelled with recurrences that do not sign the end of the fight at all.

Doctors very rarely talk about healing. They prefer to talk about forgiveness. Which means that women live with a sword of Damocles permanently over their heads. Because these two terms have nothing to do. Being in remission means that there is no trace of the disease after treatment, but the threat of recurrence is not ruled out. To cure is to be rid of recurrences for a period estimated at 15 years for breast cancer.

Regarding France Gall, we talked about recurrence in 2015 is 22 years after the initial treatment of her cancer, undermining the notion of healing after 15 years. To this two comments. Only her doctors know if she has recurred in previous years without having felt the need to make it known. Then she may have had another cancer since she died of respiratory failure at the American Hospital of Neuilly. Lung cancer related to radiation therapy that was part of her treatment for breast cancer? Lung metastasis of a recurrence of this breast cancer? Respiratory infection due to poor general condition? These are just hypotheses ...

But above all it is necessary to recognize and salute an unusual life force that has not ceased to animate it throughout these years of combat.

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