Pregnancy: towards a screening of mental disorders in the future mothers?

About 6% of women experience a depressive episode in their lifetime and one in ten women experience it during pregnancy. As reported by the specialist site Santelog, researchers at King's College London and the University of Melbourne in Australia have revealed how pregnancy-related constraints or concerns can increase the risk of mental health problems in women. speakers.

Scientists have discovered that it is possible to measure the mental health of a pregnant woman through a basic questionnaire on two questions: "Have you felt depressed or hopeless in the past month?" and "Have you felt a lack of interest or pleasure in doing things in the last month?" In the case of positive responses, the participants then had to answer a more detailed, recognized evaluation questionnaire. Young, single, low-educated or income-earning women were more likely to say yes to the first questionnaire: 66% had mental disorders, of which 45% had depression.

What reliability?

But can all pregnant women be assessed through this review? Mental disorders are sometimes difficult to detect. The person concerned may not even be aware of it and may not recognize that they felt depressed or hopeless. About two-thirds of the women who answered "yes" actually had mental disorders: of the 9,963 women who responded to the first questionnaire, 545 were assessed by other exams, 258 of whom answered negatively and 287 positively. More specifically, 22% of women who answered in the negative to the first questionnaire, are in fact well victims of mental disorders. Suggesting that they did not notice it, or that they did not want to admit it.

As the Federation for Brain Research points out, psychiatric illnesses and behavioral disorders sometimes have one characteristic in common: denial. Some patients say and think deeply about not being sick, which makes diagnosis difficult. But while this questionnaire can not be certain to detect the mental disorders of all pregnant women, it highlights a problem still unknown, undoubtedly encouraging new research on the subject.

Video: Screening for Depression in Pregnant Women and New Mothers (April 2020).