It is up to the parents to check if their child is suffering from scoliosis, deformity of the back of which 2 million French suffer

Scoliosis remains a problem that affects 2 to 3% of the population and develops in childhood insidiously. We usually do not know the cause, but we know that the sooner we treat, the better. We are now asking parents for a helping hand, because the doctor often misses out ...

It's the children who suffer, but it's up to the parents to know how to detect it. Because it is not so complicated to see if his son or daughter has a deformity of the back.

Scoliosis is a distortion of the S-shaped column. It is the most common malformations of the spine that affects mostly girls. 8 for 2 boys.

Only the spine of humans bend like this. Animals, a priori, do not suffer from scoliosis. It is our standing position that gives us this privilege. This is the explanation most often given.

It is also sometimes a neuromuscular disease, a birth defect. It may also be due to the aging of bones that crumble as in osteoporosis; Or an accident.

But in ¾ of the cases, the real cause is totally unknown. There would be genetic factors, hormonal factors - hence the girls - others related to growth, but it remains quite mysterious.

"Fake News"

We often hear that the main cause of back problems of our children is the binder, necessarily too heavy. This is a "Fake News" as our president would say, peddled every year at the time of the back to school. Scoliosis is neither the consequence of a more or less asymmetrical weight carried on the back, nor even of an inequality of length of the lower limbs as we hear from time to time.

Scoliosis is easily detected

A simple radio would do the screening. But, as we can not pass a radio to all children, which is very often, then nothing is worth the look of a father or especially a mother. It is both very simple but difficult to describe.

The Yves Cotrel Foundation, created under the auspices of the Institut de France, has been offering for the last three years a 45-second video, very short and remarkably well done.

An initiative that will do more for the future of these children, that many consultations a little fast. It is indeed simple and easy, just by leaning his child and then looking from behind.

What if the screening is positive?

Direction X-ray! A simple cliché, a painless examination easy and fast. To determine the cases that are the result of simple surveillance or non-operative treatment, which will then be performed under the best conditions of comfort and of the final result, on the sole condition that the deformity has been detected at the earliest in childhood .

Most of the time we just look after children with scoliosis. If this evolves badly, or if the curvature is too important, one will appeal to the physio, in addition to other treatments. There are two of them: the corset is often plastered and if it's really too important, but we should not see it anymore in our country, surgery.

Video: RICHARD III of ENGLAND - WikiVidi Documentary (April 2020).