At prolonged average dose, ibuprofen impairs testosterone production

Ibuprofen, sold without prescription in many preparations, is very easily consumed in case of pain. Its use for 6 weeks in young men disrupts the functioning of their testicles, collapses their testosterone levels and may damage their fertility.

The regular and continuous intake of ibuprofen, frequent in family medication and frequently abusive in the young men high-level sportsmen, disturbs the normal functioning of the testicle and causes a hormonal imbalance and disorders of the formation of the spermatozoa, usually met with in the elderly man, and called "compensated hypogonadism". This is apparent from a study published in a leading scientific journal, the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

A frequent pain medication

Ibuprofen is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug, an NSAID, available over the counter. It is almost no longer used as NSAIDs in France. Most of its consumption is in indications of pain, that is to say between 200 and 1200 milligrams per day. It is widely used, in adults, as in children, in the short-term treatment of fever and flu, or pain such as headaches or teeth, body aches and very often in children. painful periods. It is contraindicated in children with chickenpox and in pregnant women beyond six months.

Abuses in the sports world

As it is easy to access and effective, it is also unfortunately much too much used and especially at high level athletes, self-medication and under the pressure of those around them. It's almost a reflex in bad gyms to prevent aches and pains from an unusual effort or too much supported by ibuprofen cures. The less scrupulous adding corticoids which we have seen the ravages in the cycling platoons, including the small amateurs. And the benefit here is likely to be greater than the good.

A worrying study for man

A study conducted at the University of Copenhagen and coordinated by Inserm alert on the adverse effects and not known so far on the functioning of the testicles.
The study was conducted on 31 male sports volunteers aged 18 to 35 who were randomly selected to take either ibuprofen, 1200 mg for 6 weeks or a placebo. The study then analyzed testicular fragments that were cultured.

An overall disturbance of the testis

The findings of the clinical trial show that, when men were exposed to 1200 mg of ibuprofen daily for 6 weeks, pituitary hormone levels, a hormone that plays a key role in controlling testosterone production , have increased significantly in the blood, which has caused disruptions in the manufacture of testosterone.
In addition, ibuprofen also acts on other hormones made in the testicle that completely disrupt the manufacturing cycle of spermatozoa.

A state of "compensated hypogonadism"

In total, this study demonstrates that prolonged doses of pain medication, that is to say average doses of ibuprofen (1200 mg / day for 6 weeks, or 3 tablets at 400 mg), has severe endocrine disrupting effects in young men leading to a state of "compensated hypogonadism", a condition usually found in about 10% of older men in whom the production of testosterone decreases. This situation is generally associated with increased risks for fertility, as well as for health in general.
And for Bernard Jégou, director of research at Inserm and coordinator of the study "There are men who take ibuprofen continuously (...). If this state of compensated hypogonadism sets in, the risk for them is to increase the risks already related to this drug, but also to alter their physical condition (muscles and bones) and to mortgage their reproductive and even psychological health. ".

A molecule under surveillance

Ibuprofen is already contraindicated beyond the 6th month of pregnancy because it is responsible for fetal malformations. But a recent study has also shown that ibuprofen taken during pregnancy can also disrupt the formation of the testes of the male fetus from the first months of development in the uterus.

Ibuprofen is not an innocuous medicine. It should be taken reasonably and if the intake is prolonged, it is better to consult his doctor. And ban it in the pregnant woman and athlete absolutely.

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