New setbacks in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease: more and more patients, fewer and fewer medications ...

The Lundbeck lab publishes disappointing results of a treatment that seemed promising, coupled with the announcement by the world's first laboratory, Pfizer, of stopping research on this disease to concentrate on other pathologies, illustrates the paradox of an evil whose number of people is constantly growing and the poverty of the proposed solutions. But we must not give up and especially track earlier and earlier.

A set of signs

Due to the aging of the population and its consequences, Alzheimer's disease has become one of the most serious health problems for our country. Alzheimer's disease is scary. This is what used to be known as "spoilage" ... We know today that it is a very complex process that results in a kind of exfoliating of one's own life in reverse.

The fear aroused by this disease makes the diagnosis a bit of a nonsense, especially in mainstream conversations.

We must know how to detect the warning signs that are to be feared:

- Gradual loss of decision-making ability

- Difficulty integrating new knowledge

- Difficulty performing daily tasks

- Language problems

- Difficulty of reasoning

- Change of personality and loss of motivation

- Memory problems concerning recent and then older facts

- Disorientation in time and spacethe person who suffers does not know what day she is and where she is.

But beware, it is the association and repetition of many of these disorders that must alert.

These modifications of some details of the daily life will alert the entourage, but the family doctor will be able, then, to help a consultation in a center specialized in the memory, to reassure all those who - badly informed - s' are worried, in their fifties, at the loss of a set of keys or the forgetfulness of an appointment. For misplacing your keys or arriving late for an appointment is disorder or rudeness, certainly not Alzheimer's disease.

There are two very different reasons for these unintended acts. The most logical is, undoubtedly, the lack of attention that does not allow us to remember. A small concentration effort makes it easy to reconstruct the story. In Alzheimer's disease, on the other hand, there is a mechanism, today unknown, that prevents the memory from printing on our hard disk, which nevertheless works very well.

Diagnosis error

It is necessary to be very precise in the research and the analysis of the signs because one can be wrong on the diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease: a serious and badly treated nervous depression can lead to a deterioration of the consciousness which resembles a lot ... And a depression is treated very well unlike Alzheimer's, which unfortunately does not know any treatment.

There is also what is called vascular dementia. The result is a bit the same but the cause is different. In Alzheimer's disease, there are changes in the brain that seem to be stuck in a kind of glue that we will be able to get rid of one day. For all that is vascular, it is the blood circulation that does not totally do its job and it does not evolve in the same way.

There is currently no single test to determine if a person has Alzheimer's disease.

This is the reason why doctors, even when they are almost certain of the diagnosis, speak of "probable Alzheimer's disease". But in fact when we take thousands of cases we realize that this diagnosis was accurate, according to the studies, in 90% of cases identified. We can also conclude that in 10% of cases it was wrong ...

Research needs patients early in the disease

We must continue the screening effort because research is now focusing on the very beginning of the disease to finally propose an effective solution; and these patients are difficult to find.

Finally, early detection is not just a question of treatment but rather a right, quite simply ... The right to know, the right not to waste time to realize a last dream, to have one last substantive conversation, the right to transmit. A few months of winning at this time of life is eternity.