Contaminated milk still on sale at Leclerc, factory Lactalis Craon repeatedly infected, failures at all levels

The Leclerc group sold boxes of Lactalis contaminated milk, even though they should have been removed. A milk recommended for replacement has also been contaminated. The Lactalis plant in Craon was contaminated several times with the same strain of salmonella.

The eighth rebound in the case of contaminated infant milk produced by Lactalis. Last Friday, a mother found on the shelves of a supermarket Leclerc, a box of contaminated milk. Even though these products are supposed to have been recalled last December.
Another mother bought milk, recommended instead by Lactalis after the recalled contaminated lots, except that her son became ill because this milk was also contaminated.
In addition, it was learned that the Lactalis plant in Craon was contaminated with the same strain of Salmonella that caused the 2005 contamination. Chance or resurgence of the strain following the work conducted in February 2017 This is what the investigation will determine.

More boxes of tainted milk on the shelves

Seven hundred and eighty-two people bought contaminated milk at Leclerc after December 2017, as 984 boxes were not removed from the shelves. Customers would have all been recalled via their loyalty account or through their bank, according to the group's CEO, Michel-Edouard Leclerc.
He explains in the columns of Parisien: "The data that reach us on the incriminated lots are listed by bar codes. This requires meticulous in-store tracking. ... (On the occasion of the end-of-year rush) there was an oversaturation of information, a problem of sorting and interpretation ". The entrepreneur assured that he would bear the consequences of this failure.

The replacement milk also contaminated

In the North, a woman also bought contaminated milk, except that it was not one of the recalled lots. She testified on RTL this week.
She had chosen this milk because it was recommended by Lactalis to replace the contaminated one. But the strain of Salmonella that contaminates it is the same for both products.

A contaminated plant with repetition

The Craon plant had already had a problem of contamination in 2005 according to our colleagues, knowing that at the time, it was owned by another company. According to the Institut Pasteur who conducted the analyzes, all of them seem to indicate that the Salmonella agona strain responsible for the 2017 episode, derives from that of 2005. Two different owners for the same strain. The hypothesis of a resurgence of the strain during the work carried out in February 2017 is debated. But it seems plausible for many experts.
Thirty-one children were infected following ingestion of Lactalis milk. Dozens of parents plan to lodge complaints individually in the coming weeks for non-assistance to the person in danger, for babies who have not been sick, and for endangering the lives of others and unintentional injuries, for those who were hospitalized.

Malfunctions at all levels that call for a review of control procedures in uses in the production and distribution of infant formula.

Video: Milk recalled over cleaning solution contamination fears. Nine News Australia (April 2020).