An application against tinnitus. A French invention

Tinnitus terrorizes those who suffer from this infernal noise that comes from within. This is one of the known reasons for severe depression. How to support the unbearable ... Yet this is the challenge that Immersy Thérapy a French Start-up, who has been working for several years on a participatory project called Diapason, with an application that aims to rid those who suffer from tinnitus. She presented it at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) last week in Las Vegas

The CES is the obligatory passage of start-ups especially in the field of health. The project Diapason beyond his ambition arrives on a field of ruin of traditional medicine with tinnitus.

Formerly, it was called the tinnitus. Today, the buzzword is tinnitus. Be it buzzing, ringing, hissing or hissing, tinnitus ruins the life - it seems - of hundreds of thousands of French people. I say "it seems" because the figures seem, in this area, a little fanciful. However, those who feel an abnormal sensation of noise in the ear speak of suffering.

There is in the two words "sensation" and "suffering" all the summary of tinnitus. Sensation because if you are next to someone who complains about tinnitus, you will not hear anything he describes. Suffering because these noises become such an obsession that professional social life and especially sleep do not escape the problem.

The doctor has tried - loosely, it must be recognized - to understand the origin of a disease whose mechanisms are unknown. If no one but the patient hears tinnitus, it is because they come from within the body. So some origins have been found. If the noise corresponds to the rhythm of our pulse, it is because its origin is cardiovascular. High blood pressure, for example. Everyone else, by plugging their ears, can hear the blood circulating in the arteries of the neck and feel the thud of the heartbeat. Although we do not know how this happens, we also found that in case of anemia, it is not uncommon to find tinnitus. We also know that a dental seal can act as an antenna and provide clandestine, rather disturbing radio programs. And here the effective treatment is obvious.

But most of the time, despite many additional exams, nothing is found. It remains to relieve and, if the medicine is not brilliant, it is probably because the tinnitus if it is annoying is never serious in itself. So, the bad habit of most doctors is to propose ... to endure an embarrassment, yet defined most of the time as unbearable. And who sometimes leads, in extreme cases, to suicide

The Diapason project

One of the originalities of the project of this French Start-up, in addition to its mode of crowdfunding, is undoubtedly to have listened to those left behind and to make them hear a whole series of acoustic solutions developed with time everywhere in around the world without there being a synthesis of fact.

Asserting the diagnosis and the type of suffering is the first step (free) of this application. With tests to be sure that we are in front of tinnitus and try to find its origin. Most of the time, despite many complementary exams, nothing is found. Rest then to relieve

The app to relieve

To relieve these often exhausted patients, the bad habit of most doctors consists in proposing, according to the principle of the noise which one ends up not to hear by habit, like the car traffic outside an apartment, to support a embarrassment, yet mostly defined as unbearable. The use of the psychiatrist, badly perceived is often useless. As for the drugs, none really works.

The application uses a method that was considered the least bad. A method that may seem a little barbaric: fight noise with noise: music in the evening to sleep or, more modern solution, the "masker" of tinnitus. For example, listening to sounds that are more pleasant for the ear than tinnitus. or by filling frequency holes. The creators of the application, as well as the specialists, do not really know how to work on a form of Coué method. But if it relieves ... No solution was totally effective, but the possibilities of relief are numerous enough not to resign themselves. This led to the diapason project which proposes an evaluation, therapeutic solutions and especially a follow-up of the progress of the results.

To discover tuning fork

The diagnostic part of the application is free. The treatment part, on the other hand, pays off. Count 50 euros per month for 3 to 4 months of treatment

Tuning fork

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