A man in his fifties dies after eating oysters ... yet an excellent food if you know where they come from

This story of "the oyster infected with a flesh-eating bacteria" makes a lot of noise. Being sorry for the poor woman victim of this extremely rare infection, of which we are not fully informed about the origin, we must not give in to this "oyster bashing" and especially reaffirm that the oysters sold in France (for those who have the means) remains an excellent food to consume without ulterior motive.


A man in his fifties visiting friends on the Louisiana coast last September bought and ate oysters. It would be, according to a US television channel taken by all the media, fallen sick in 36 hours and died 21 days later.
Because of the presence of red patches on her legs and then all over her body, her family first thought of an allergy, but shortness of breath and a real respiratory distress led her to resuscitation in less than 48 hours.

The explanation

The doctors discovered that this otherwise healthy woman had been infected with a Vibrio bacteria, which is a dangerous "flesh-eating" bacteria.
According to the US Infectious Disease Surveillance Center (CDC), people can contract Vibrio-like bacteria by eating raw or undercooked seafood, or through an open wound in stagnant water.

According to his relatives, the 50-year-old has eaten 2 dozen oysters and has been in contact with stagnant water. She died on October 15, 2017, after 21 days of resuscitation.
The members of his family wish to make the population aware of the risks associated with this bacterium.

Oysters in France are controlled

The US health authorities recall that consuming raw oysters that have not been properly managed raises risks. Only certain precautions can eliminate the danger: boil food, wash your hands after touching them or avoid swimming in low salt water when you have wounds. The recommendation will make gourmets smile.

For almost five years, it's true that this type of infection is only growing. This could be explained by global warming. The warmer waters attract the bacteria that find refuge in molluscs, seafood and fish.

Remember that French oysters are not specially raised in hot water ... The answer is in the origin of the oyster very controlled in our country and the checks that will be made later on this case.

The oyster a perfect food

The oyster is a good source of animal protein, devoid of fat, and a very rich mineral! Phosphorus, copper, calcium, zinc ... non-exhaustive list

With 100kCalories and 11 grams of protein for a dozen, it can even be considered an excellent diet food ... provided you do not eat too much bread and butter with it.

The specialists recommend it even at the sportsman. Finally for those who still have doubts: there are excellent recipes with oysters cooked on the internet.

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