A pocket coach ... always available

It is thanks to the cardio frequency meter that we control the intensity of the ideal physical exercise; while protecting his heart

He will be the indispensable assistant of your physical exercise. It is an electronic device the size of a wristwatch that measures in real time, continuously, reliably and accurately, the frequency of the beats of your heart. If you compare the body to a car, it's the tachometer!

It gives an idea of ​​the effort provided during an exercise.

It consists of a watch worn on the wrist often connected to a transmitting belt that attaches to the chest (carrier of electrodes in contact with the skin that transform the heart impulses into signals transmitted to the receiver).

There are all kinds, from the simplest to the most sophisticated, which memorize the data of your course (mileage, instantaneous speed, altitude, etc.). Some models include a pedometer that allows runners or walkers to measure the distance walked. Others can be used for swimming and are waterproof up to 30 meters under water.

No need to buy the most expensive device if your goal is to manage your effort or lose a few extra pounds; the important thing is that it tells you the average of your heartbeats during the physical exertion you will do; that is the number that will count.

I explain this in detail in the coming days.

Go buy your cardio frequency meter ... I'll tell you which tomorrow!

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