New application moves diabetics

An interactive online application to help diabetic patients to be more physically active has been developed. The results are published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research.

Every day, patients with type 2 diabetes should avoid the temptations around them: sweets, sugary drinks and rich dinners. This is why researchers have developed an application encouraging patients to spend as much as possible. An indispensable effort to their health. Indeed, this disease often coexists with obesity, which triggers a dangerous cycle. Obese patients suffer from joint pain, which limits their ability or desire to be physically active. As patients limit their physical activity, they gain more weight and their disease worsens.

Educate and incite

To overcome these obstacles, an American research team developed the interactive application in order to make patients understand the effect and the major importance of physical activity in the management of their disease and thus motivate them to achieve this important behavioral change. At the beginning, the user enters his blood sugar value (HbA1c) and some basic vital information. The program draws an ideal average blood sugar curve, which is based on the patient's A1c value. The participant can see the difference between the expected and actual curves, which is effective for raising awareness.

In the future, the research team hopes to adapt this approach to personalize the application by creating specific glucose curves for each patient. They also hope to integrate this work into the clinical care setting to give providers additional tools to educate their patients

Video: Diabetes and Exercise - Decide to Move (April 2020).