The story of fat and skinny

To lose weight, it's no use running ... Meditate the example of "Fat and Skinny Run the Marathon!

It's an anecdote that I often tell: Big and Lean decided to run the Marathon ...

Skinny, who is very sharp, runs it in less than four hours.

Big, who blows, pain and can not run, will take more than 9 hours to reach the end of 42 kilometers ...

The morals or rather the morals of this story?

At first she is totally stupid.

Gros should never have done the Marathon, far too dangerous for a poorly prepared organism!

It is also likely that, too tired, he will have abandoned before the finish line ...

Second, what are the positive differences, from a medical point of view, between the two?

Skinny will have put less time.

Admittedly, it's obvious.

But it's fat, from an energy point of view, that will have spent the most calories and lost the most weight, because for the same distance, it will have transported a heavier load and essentially lost fat, as I explained it yesterday.

So, in conclusion, to make physical exercise effective against overweight, it is especially distance that counts ...

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