Beware of sodas!

A glass of soda brings the equivalent of about 6 pieces of sugar

Sugar is the essence of our muscles. Without him, the man would be motionless! But it stores very badly and in very small quantities: after a few minutes of effort, there is more available.

Nature has given us the spontaneous taste of sweetness; you have noticed that in case of cravings, we rarely want to eat broccoli.

Sugars that also cause an immediate reaction of pleasure, which is probably the reason why it is often abused.

But alas, the body knows how to put sugar in reserve, in the form of ... fat!

So, how to limit their consumption?

If you like to finish your meals on a sweet note, prefer to take a fruit.

Consume your dairy products without adding sugar and decorate them rather with fruit dice, compote without added sugars ...

And synthetic sweeteners? The famous sweeteners. These are fake sugars - aspartame is the best known - which have a sweetening power 300 to 400 times higher than that of sugar, which explains why for an equivalent effect, their caloric intake is negligible.

The performance is impressive for so-called "light" drinks: a liter of cola, whatever its brand, brings 100 grams of sugar. Its light version, nothing at all.

Safe ?

It is also an area for which the most contradictory studies are almost daily.

The weight of lobbies does not help clarity.

Health authorities now believe that these products are not dangerous.

Yet, diabetes experts believe that they make the bed of this disease ...

It is also true that sweeteners do not allow you to "wean themselves off" sweet taste and can thus help to maintain your favorite sweet taste in your body and therefore make the relapse likely at any time.

One can choose, in this area, a pragmatic attitude: do not use them but when it is too difficult, for example with drinks, you can consume them, without much ulterior motive.

Just the time of weaning.

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