Roche: Ocrevus, a new drug approved for multiple sclerosis

In multiple sclerosis, the autonomy of walking is lost on average 18 years after the first symptoms. Hence the importance of having medicines from the beginning. This is one of the indications of this new product by the Roche laboratory which has just been approved by the European Commission.

Dominique Farrugia is a courageous man, who has decided to publicize his fight against multiple sclerosis ... He describes an "exhausting" disease that makes you spend your life with a sword of Damocles over your head. We must still congratulate Dominique, because thanks to him this capricious disease, disabling and still a bit mysterious, is out of taboo anonymity.

She appears between 20 and 40 years old, but in recent years we have been living in the hope of effective drugs, which was not the case in the past. This seems to be the case with this new drug, Ocrevus, approved by the European Medicines Commission and intended for the early stages of the disease and its evolutionary outbreaks.

Unexplained power failure

As neurologists say, specialists in this disease can be compared to a very particular electrical failure. The nerve impulse is conveyed by a whole series of electrical wires - the nerves - which, starting from the spinal cord, which one could assimilate to a huge cable, go into all parts of our body to give orders to our muscles. You follow me ?

An electrical wire is always protected by a sheath; There is the same thing for nerve fibers. This sheath is called myelin. And it is she who is at the origin of this disease: when it is damaged, exactly as in an electric circuit, the messages conveyed by the nerve are slowed, lose their intensity and the order they were supposed to to bring to the nerve cell happens anarchic way.

As this can affect any nerve, so any muscle, the symptoms are unpredictable and a puzzle for the doctor. Disorders of vision, balance, pain, paralysis, wherever nerves act, everywhere multiple sclerosis can strike. In fact it is sadly simple ... when the neurologist finds no logic to symptoms, he thinks of this disease. He does examinations, especially MRI, which confirm

It is now thought that multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease. That is, the body - the nerve matter in this case - self-destroyed can be helped by a virus. But this is only a hypothesis

Multiple sclerosis affects 70,000 people in France. Two million in the world. Two women for a man! An originality, without really knowing why. It is a disease of progressive appearance and capricious evolution. That is to say by irregular pushes.

A very active search.

This is the most active area of ​​neurology And the good news follows one another at a pace that is not found elsewhere in this specialty. New drugs have been available in France for some years, rather reserved for the prevention of relapses, with, it must be honest, a risk of potentially serious adverse effects. So we reserve them for the most severe cases. But, with recent arrivals of first-line drugs, ie from the diagnosis, it is a considerable step to fight against this disease that settles for years.

And then we have to talk about kines. In multiple sclerosis, they are the ones who intervene most often and for the longest time. Because, one must be aware that multiple sclerosis is the 2e cause of disability in young adults, just after road accidents. A slow but constant evolution. It is estimated that the autonomy of walking is lost on average 18 years after the first symptoms.

Video: FDA OKs Drug for Multiple Sclerosis (April 2020).