The Minister of Health puts Lactalis in the face of his responsibilities

Agnès Buzyn, Minister of Health, took advantage of the inauguration of the Salon des Ordre des médecins to express her views on the tainted milk case. She was not really convinced by Lactalis' explanations.

For the first time, the Minister of Health Agnès Buzyn spoke on the case of contaminated milk. Even though Lactalis apologized, the manager was not kind to the group: " It's already very good to have apologized ", she says at first Parisian. « I'm not sure that's enough if there were flaws in the chain of custody. It will be necessary to draw all the conclusions.As a reminder, several complaints from parents of children contaminated with milk have been lodged at the public health unit of the Paris District Court. A preliminary inquiry was opened to shed light on the contamination. This milk is contaminated by a salmonella species that is fortunately not very dangerous (Salmonella agona).

Responsibility on Lactalis

At first it was necessary to reassure the parents. Agnès Buzyn assures that no new case has been detected, proof of vigilance on the part of Lactalis, in his eyes. The company apologized to parents on Thursday for ensuring " perfect collaboration with the state ».
A statement nuanced quickly by the Minister of Health: " I have no particular concern about the responsibility of the state "she reassures. " Today it is necessary to know how this contamination could have gone unnoticed in the factory. Has it not been communicated? Not detected? I can not answer. Today, industry is at the forefront of health care ".

The essential is now elsewhere. The officials of the company meet this Friday the Minister of Economy Bruno Le Maire.