If you gain weight in the winter, it may be because of lack of sun

Richer food, less physical activity, winter is often a period of weight gain. For Canadian researchers, this would also be related to lack of sun. According to them, exposure to this light would melt the fat cells

It would not be the raclette but the lack of sun that would be responsible for the small kilograms stored at the end of the winter. The idea may be smiling, but it is the result of a study conducted by researchers at the University of Alberta in Canada.
In research on fat cells for potential treatment of type 1 diabetes, scientists realized that the blue light emitted by the sun melted the fat cells that are located just under the skin.

The fat cells "melts in the sun"

By this operation, our cells store less fat because they escape. "If we gather all these conclusions, the lack of exposure to the sun that we suffer eight months in the year, because of the northern climate in which we live, could be one of the causes of fat storage and contribute to this. weight gain that some of us have in the winter, "says Peter E. Light, one of the lead authors of the study and professor of pharmacology.
Caution, however, this study is not an incentive to expose yourself to sunlight hours to lose weight. Peter E. Light adds, "We do not yet know how much light and how much exposure is needed for this to work. It is likely that the lack of sunlight is associated with vitamin D deficiency and a tendency to, in a way, slow down the metabolism.

More research must now be conducted on the subject to better understand this process of fat burning.

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