Opening of a homeopathy consultation at the Lyon Sud-HCL Hospital Center

The maternity hospital of Lyon Sud-HCL is oriented towards complementary medicine. After acupuncture, self-hypnosis, it is the turn of homeopathy to enter the maternity ward. It helps to respond to the small pains of pregnancy that pregnant women face.

Doctors have long had a negative attitude towards homeopathy. The generation in power has only one creed: "medicine by the evidence". And evidence of effectiveness, homeopathy does not have in the form of traditional studies, like other drugs. But evidence-based medicine is also the response of patients to treatment. And many doctors have changed their way of doing things, admitting that, even if we do not know why, it is difficult to go against the satisfaction of users, especially when they are small children or, more impressive, animals. Child last argument, the absolute lack of side effects for the health of the mother and baby, which goes well with the current "ecological" trend.

The French, they have decided, according to several polls IPSOS and BVA:

  • 56 % of French use homeopathic medicines. They were 53% in 2011 and 39% in 2004
  • 66 % Mothers use homeopathic medicines

  • 88 % Patients who have been treated by a homeopathic doctor do not consult other doctors for the same condition

In France, one in four general practitioners prescribes homeopathic medicines on a daily basis, either on a regular basis ("homeopathic" doctors) or more or less regularly (general practitioners familiar with certain homeopathic medicines), or on an occasional basis.

The extremely low cost of these treatments is also an asset in the face of the decaying finances of the hospital

Homeopathy and pregnancy

This homeopathic consultation is provided by a qualified midwife in homeopathic therapy. She accompanies pregnant women, in a personalized way, from the beginning of their pregnancy and until two months after delivery. The consultations last between 20 and 30 minutes. Homeopathy acts on all the small evils and discomforts of pregnancy and the consequences of childbirth.

"We take the time to understand the feelings of future mothers to take care of the discomfort expressed, while respecting the individuality of each woman," says Aude Derrier-Sanlaville, a registered midwife of homeopathic therapeutics at the maternity ward. of the Lyon Sud-HCL Hospital Center

Video: Dr. Naval Kumar, Homeopathy Specialist, New Delhi. Homeopathy for Sexual Health. NimbusClinic (April 2020).