7 truths after the death of a 9-year-old flu child

The flu remains a deadly disease. Even in children.

Doctors repeat it every year, a little in the desert, the flu remains a deadly disease that you in France much more than the road ... Although the victims are mainly weak people: elderly but also chronically ill, category to which n ' escapes any age of life. All resuscitation services fear her.

The flu is a serious disease. Especially not insignificant.

Few people escape the flu throughout their lives ... But forget very quickly the state of deep unease that causes, because the flu heals without sequelae. But the real flu is a moment when the body undergoes a real pounding, by this virus that reproduces at a crazy speed in the body. Fortunately he is rather fragile and very sensitive to the fever which is our main defense. She leaves a tired body for long weeks.

Antibiotics are useless

The flu is a virus, so insensitive to antibiotics. These are prescribed only if a bacterium takes advantage of the state of weakness of the body to infect it.

If this is not the case, abundant drinks, paracetamol ... and bed rest are enough!

There is not one, but flu viruses

This is the race against the clock that is engaged each year, the specialists of the disease: observe and predict the mutations of this very fickle virus. From one year to another viruses are similar ... except that sometimes one becomes very different. This is when we fear a global epidemic, facing an enemy that we did not expect and that especially we do not know.

Having the flu protects you from the flu ... but badly!

An attack by a virus causes the body to make specific defenses, which explains why one does not make two real flu the same year and that one is protected against the virus the following year if this one does not knows no significant change. This is generally the case and therefore requires a new vaccination. Those who are affected by what they call a "second flu" are infected by what is called a flu-like illness, which is an infection that resembles the flu. They are, in fact, the victims of another virus than that of the flu.

You have to get vaccinated every year.

Every year, the viruses that reach France are either the same as the previous year or carry a certain mutation. This explains that the composition of the vaccine changes a little, but also that each year the protection is more and more effective for those who get vaccinated every year. This is probably one of the effects of widespread and free vaccination among seniors, which explains that severe influenza affects younger and younger adults

Fragile children must be vaccinated

There is no doubt about it: all children who suffer from chronic diseases, who have respiratory problems, so-called "fragile" children, must be vaccinated. Which is theoretically the rule in France

The United States vaccinates all children

American pediatricians recommend vaccination against influenza from the age of 6 months, to protect them but also with the hope of seeing the importance of the disease decrease over time

All influenza viruses are not equivalent

Each year the "final" virus is always a good or a bad surprise depending on the "virulence" of mutations almost constant.

We must fear the "bad" virus

It is not the current flu that is now terrorizing specialists in infectious diseases but rather the imminence of a diabolical marriage. That of the force and the traveler. The force is the bird flu virus, a killing machine that nature confines to the body of some resistant birds, but sometimes, for reasons that are not well known - promiscuity, unusual manipulations - performs a passage noticed in the man. With appalling consequences: mortality close to 100% and maximum contagiousness. Fortunately, he is a fragile killer and homebody. The traveler, among viruses, you know him well. It's the flu. Voluptuous, he likes free union. That is why it is never identical from one year to the next and every autumn, we must revaccinate. It is above all an inexhaustible backpacker whose annual world tour results in tens of millions of human contaminations always unpleasant, sometimes serious and deadly.

The microbe loves perfect hugs The result is a new virus that takes the qualities of both parents. So if one day the bird flu meets the traditional flu, unites and then goes to the man, it is a killer traveler, a weapon of mass destruction that will prepare to break on the planet.

Science fiction? Alas no. These weddings are, it seems, happening with as a witness of marriage ... a pig! It is indeed through the intermediary of pork, an organism close to that of humans, that the virus learns to colonize and destroy us. His apprenticeship is over, all he has to do is undertake his mortal world tour.
A scenario that the World Health Organization has feared for two years. The forecasts if it is realized are in case of epidemic of several hundreds of thousands of deaths just for our country. It is worth remembering, the WHO which says it. Scientists who are more likely to use the language of wood. Their frankness is now cold in the back. It must be said that the story is there to remind them that one of the last weddings of the flu with a Spanish made in 1919, 20 million deaths on our planet.

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