Sickness and disability: 2 million employees threatened with job loss

The Igas has issued an alarming report on the situation of employees who are sick or have a disability, to fight against "professional disinheritance".

According to a recent report of the General Inspectorate of Social Affairs (Igas), between "one to two million employees may lose their jobs in the short or medium term because of a health problem or disability", or more precisely, 5 to 10% of French employees. This category of people would be "poorly identified" and "expected to grow with the aging of the workforce" says the report requested by the ministers of Health and Labor of the former government.

To draw this conclusion, Igas relied on the number of officially recognized employees for their disability (900,000 people) and on the number of employees "partially fit or unable to work" in the private and public sectors. In total, about two million people would be affected. As the report points out, osteo-articular diseases as well as mental and behavioral disorders account for 75% of the pathologies that cause incapacity reviews issued by occupational medicine.

A list of 30 recommendations to the government

To combat "professional disinvestment", Igas has drawn up a list of thirty recommendations, including the strengthening of occupational health services and the maintenance of links between employers and employees during periods of work stoppage. According to the experts, "the need for information on the role of the various actors (the company, the occupational doctor, the social welfare organizations, funds for the professional integration of disabled workers ...) remains poorly covered". The report therefore recommends that the government launch a "communication plan on the prevention of work disinsertion" and include in the reform of vocational training measures concerning employees who are victims of a disease or who are administratively recognized as being disabled, in order to facilitate their "access to training".

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