Lactalis, the big distribution ... That's enough !. The health of the French must pass before profit.

The angry row of Bruno Lemaire, our finance minister against Lactalis, its founders and some big retailers; the bored but firm comments of our Minister of Health on the failings of some pharmacies and hospitals may stop this grotesque soap opera of the daily discovery of potentially contaminated milk lots. But who will draw the true conclusions of this despicable masquerade and contempt for the health of consumers?

Profit, employment, growth can not excuse everything. We must know what we are talking about: Lactalis, formerly Besnier, is a French company, the leading global cheese-making group, 2th French agri-food group behind the Danone Group, 3th globally (Nestlé is the 1st). Lactalis employs around 75,000 people in 230 industrial sites and 43 countries around the world. The cult of secrecy and the profit of the founder must not make us forget that consumers have rights, the first of which is that their health is the first concern of an agribusiness industrialist.

One can only be amazed by the lightness with which, in the end, this case was apprehended. Salmonellae are easily detectable, all potentially infected batches perfectly indexed. How such a company could think, for a second, to pass through the drops of easy detection and which we knew, given the current context, that security would be strengthened. What about all these commercial brands who have also flouted the rules? Not to mention hospitals and pharmacies ... The certainty of impunity whatever happens? Unacceptable ...

Faced with this, the creator of the group and the main distributors are summoned to the ministry. Why ? Listen to the apologies of bosses "scolded" by a minister who says "do not do it again otherwise ..." The masquerade may end as a schoolboy blunder before a disciplinary council.

What about fines? Sanctions ? Just reinforced controls; Still happy.

We can not even imagine that a drop of contaminated milk is still in a bottle.

Not sure that consumers, better informed, decided to express their discontent, directly, on the shelves of these unworthy big surfaces by fleeing them ... and that caddies are some empty time products of this group that comes from their to show so much contempt. A campaign to boycott their dairy products had already been launched against this company which is regularly pinned by the ecologists and which is strongly taken into account in the financial difficulties of the milk producers. It is likely to resume. Probably the only sanction up to the overall injury.