Lourdes: 9-year-old boy dies of flu

A child died of the flu on the night of Thursday to Friday, January 11 in Lourdes. A tragedy that reminds us that the epidemic is also affecting children and young people this year.

Kylian, 9, died of the flu in the night from Thursday to Friday, January 11 in Lourdes (Hautes-Pyrénées). According to the Dépêche du Midi, the boy was treated at home by his parents until his condition suddenly worsens on Thursday. Seeing the signs, her mother, "health professional", took her to the hospital center of the Marian city but was slowed down by "the work in Juncalas and the deviations". Finally hospitalized, Kylian died of influenza after admission, less than 10 years. The Regional Health Agency has ensured that a psychological unit had been set up at the Jean-Bourdette school in Argelès, where the boy was educated, as well as in the school where his sister is studying.

Why are young people affected this year?

The H1N1 virus continues its progression throughout the Hexagon. Last year, 91% of the 14,000 flu victims were over 75 years old. This year, as underlined by Agence France Public Health, young people are more affected. Health Minister Agnès Buzin confirmed at a recent press briefing that the flu epidemic is also affecting children and young people. According to her, the strain of the virus would be little known by their immune system this year, which would explain that they are more contaminated than in previous years. As explained by Dr. Eric Du Perret in the columns of Why Doctor, "every year, the viruses that reach France are either the same as the previous year or carry a certain mutation. the composition of the vaccine changes a little "and the interest of being vaccinated every year.

Since the start of the epidemic, nearly 11,500 emergency department visits for influenza-like symptoms have been reported and nearly 1250 have led to hospitalization: Public Health France has reported 434 serious cases and 31 deaths, including two children under five years old. . The agency notes, however, a "limited impact of the epidemic among people aged 65 and over", usually the first victims of the virus and for whom the vaccine is 100% reimbursed. And remember: "Vaccination is the best way to protect yourself from the flu and its complications, 15 days after vaccination is needed to be protected".

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