Raw Water, an untreated spring water but also a dangerous fashion in the United States

The dazzling fashion of unfiltered waters delivered directly to the consumer and initiated by the company "Raw Water" is all the rage in the United States among those who want a return "at the source". Marginal for years, the expansion of the method elicits the first side effects in the drinkers of a fresh water certainly, but not biologically uninjured ...

We are 70% water. This is to say the importance of the drink for our daily life. Drinking is also a misnomer since in the food we consume every day there is a very important share of water: 90% in fruits and vegetables, but also 70% in meat or fish and even 34% in the bread ...

Unfiltered waters are more and more questioned in the United States, which will slow down the inevitable arrival of this fashion in France. Several cases of food infections have been linked to unfiltered water bottles that the company Raw Water delivers on demand to its customers in a very nice packaging. Which tarnishes somewhat the resplendent health image of the founder that appears in many ads on the net. The contamination is easy to understand. All mountain lovers know perfectly well that one must be wary of clear water sources without being certain that the water has not been soiled by animal dung upstream. These incidents seem to demonstrate that this water does not benefit from all the biological analyzes indispensable and mandatory in our country for marketing.

What water to drink?

Drinking is a vital need given the importance of water in the composition of the body. Without eating, thanks to its reserves, we can survive four to five weeks. Without water, we will die in three or four days.

We must therefore drink a large quantity of liquid every day and if you will always find some researchers to extol the medical virtues of beer or wine, it is clear that pure water remains the best solution. But several questions arise. First, tap water or mineral water? For years, the French medical profession has conveyed the idea that, with very few exceptions, especially due to agricultural nitrates, tap water was perfect for our consumption, including for baby bottles ... However, according to the World Health Organization, Health, 32 million French people consume water whose lead content, for example, is much too important. We could also talk about nickel or arsenic equally dangerous and just as present in our tap water. For the moment, the situation is not worrying and the consequences are limited to beware of lead plumbing - let the water run for a few moments before drinking - or buy quick purification systems ...

But it explains the fashion and especially the amazing progression of mineral waters. Hence the second question: Mineral water ok but which?

The only advice that can be given is to alternate the brands so as not to risk consuming too much salt, magnesium, or potassium, which vary in the composition of our mineral waters. Finally, in the debate "flat" or "gas", it will be the taste and the ability to digest them and not medicine that will guide your choice!

Video: A Deep Dive into the "Raw Water" Craze. The Daily Show (April 2020).