In Lyon, eleven residents of a geriatric center placed in isolation because of a bacterium

The emotion aroused by the confinement in room of 11 residents of a retirement home Lyonnaise mistakenly surprised people who do not know that this is a perfectly normal procedure. That they do not feel especially them and their entourage, considered plague victims. This is indeed the word because it is thanks to this measure, the eviction, that man has become the end of the great epidemics of history.

They are fine. They are cloistered since Friday in their room. However, these eleven anguished seniors will quickly be relieved for multiple reasons.

Before deciding to evict the doctors have made samples to know for sure which microbe it is. This may take a few days during which the contaminating power of the bacteria remains important, justifying confinement in the room. They probably have nothing to fear for their health because since it is a bacterium, an antibiotic treatment is given immediately after the samples. Not before because the drugs distort the results. To be treated does not mean to be contagious. It is therefore to protect the health of others that the eviction continues. So we can be a little surprised by the emotion caused by this eviction, which is a perfectly normal procedure in infectious diseases.

Their prevention in community is done to fight against the sources of contamination and to reduce the transmission. Communities of children or adults put many people in contact in a relatively small space, which promotes the transmission of infectious agents.

Each infectious disease has been the subject of individual measures specifying the incubation period, the duration of contagiousness, the measures to be taken concerning the eviction of the sick subject, hygiene and prevention of the entourage.

As a result, the provisions apply to all communities.

As soon as we know the microbe we will know how long will last this confinement a little painful. It will certainly not be more than a few days.

Video: Local 4 News Today -- Oct. 6, 2017 (April 2020).