"This morning, I cracked": the alarm call of a nurse in Ardèche

In an open letter to Agnès Buzyn, a nurse describes the daily difficulties encountered and announces hanging up her blouse.

"This morning, I cracked. In an open letter to Health Minister Agnès Buzyn, a young nurse at the Cheylard hospital in Ardèche, explains why she decided to hang up her blouse after just a year and a half of exercise. His open letter, published on December 27 on Facebook, was shared nearly 18,000 times. It reflects a situation of extreme tension in the public.

A crucial lack of staff

Involved, above all, the shortage of manpower. "A nurse can end up managing alone 35 patients with increased clinical surveillance, accommodate one or more users who enter" scheduled "and manage one or two life-saving emergencies, all at the same time ", explains Mathilde Basset, 24 years old. Assigned to the hospital's Ehpad (retirement home), she described the same mismanagement, with three full-time nurses for 99 residents and no night nurses.

And the young nurse concludes on a statement of the darkest. "I love the care, the care, the relationship of trust with my patients, but I do not work in a place of medicalized life. I am in a slaughterhouse that crushes humanity with the lives it houses, in pajamas or white coats. "

The worried Ehpads

The "malaise of the hospital", according to the now-established formula, is well known to all health actors. Dismissed between an ethics of care and imperatives of profitability (drastic reduction of the number of employees, multiplication of tasks), many health professionals no longer manage to make sense of their mission. And while the public hospital is often at the forefront of mobilizations, public Ehpad are also more and more concerned.

If austerity in the hospital does not date from yesterday, and is based on a series of deep reforms implemented in the 2000s, the public health care is in turn in the middle of the ford. The reform of the financing of Ehpad, intended to align the tariffs of the public and the private, worries a lot. The hospital federation of France (FHF) had alerted about this last summer, estimating 200 million euros the shortfall for some public retirement homes, including welcoming the most dependent public.

Social movement at the end of the month

Interrogated, the Minister of Health Agnès Buzyn did not respond to the open letter. "I am attentive to the discomfort of the public hospital. I lived it, I know it well, "she recalled last October on the set of Health Magazine, before saying:" I will not do miracles, I prefer to say. One way of saying that if the method is meant to be soft, the budget trajectory is much less so.

The reform of the financing of Ehpad, decided under the previous five years, was confirmed by the minister, and will be accompanied by a budget of 100 million euros to strengthen the rates of supervision. Not sure that the measure is enough to convince: the unions have already called for a day of national strike in the Ehpad January 30.