Is the night mole rat the key to our longevity?

Resistant to cancer cells, insensitive to pain, able to survive without oxygen ... The naked mole rat multiplies the extraordinary characteristics that make it a subject of limitless research.

The star of laboratories that work on aging! A rat with an ugly name: the mole rat, like the animal (by the way, it really looks like him), naked as naked as a worm. He does not finish revealing his secrets ... It can not be said that he is handsome; it is even rather ugly, but no matter when you know that this rodent of 8 centimeters for 35 grams on average lives perfectly well up to thirty years.

Thirty years, nothing very extraordinary, because humans live on average much longer, except that compared to the average life of rats, 30 years is the equivalent of 400 years of loan for us! And this is where the performance becomes remarkable and that the researchers want to know more ... They want to pierce, as quickly as possible, the secret of this very particular youth because this rat in addition to living very, very old , also lives without diseases ...

Death of old age

In fact, he dies quite very gently; This is called old age. One might think he lives very old because he is never or almost sick; without the usual diseases of other rats, but it is in the intimate mechanism of the multiplication of its cells that the researchers have tried to understand. Oncologists provide the first answers. In fact, studies on the naked mole rat had proved that this rodent was resistant to tumor formation. No trace of cancer was found in the entire species.

Rats that secrete an anti-cancer drug

Researchers at the University of Rochester in the United States who have tried to understand why this small rodent is much more resistant to cancer than its laboratory counterparts, the mice, believe to have pierced the secret of its longevity: You know that one of Explanations of the occurrence of cancer is that our aging cells, start to go crazy and secrete deteriorated products. Well, the proteins of this rat are 40% less likely to contain genetic errors and to make sick cells. This is the secret of its longevity.

This means that these rats secrete their own anti-cancer drug, their own treatment, and these same researchers published a study in the British journal Nature. They showed that an acid present in the naked mole rat prevented cancer cells from clumping together and thus forming tumors ...

What can we conclude?

That those who think that rats will replace the man on the surface of this planet may not be quite wrong ... More practically that this rodent can teach us a lot about the fight against the transformations of tumors in the man, and particularly offers a serious track against the formation of cancer cells. Because we have identified the anti-cancer that makes this animal; It's called hyaluronic acid, a substance that people with osteoarthritis know well because they are regularly injected into the knee ...

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