Bad Christmas tale: the guinea pig, the little girl and the ringworm ...

The media in the north of France are in turmoil because a resident of the region, at the time of the holidays, bought in a pet shop, as a Christmas present for his little girl, a nice pig. But the little animal is scratching and crusts are forming under his hair ... The veterinarian is diagnosing a "ringworm". Ringworm, a serious illness, but rather "irritating" and "humiliating".

Ringworm is a contagious disease that is transmitted to humans, rather by cats and dogs. More rarely, guinea pigs!

It mainly affects school-aged children under 12 years old. It is not uncommon for localized epidemics to occur, especially in kindergartens, giving rise to press releases from our health authorities.

A mycosis

It is actually a form of mycosis, these well-known infections, due to fungi.

It affects all areas of the body sensitive to fungal infections: hair, but also skin without hair, toes, folds of the groin, and gives what may look like eczema.

It is known that there is a ringworm in front of rounded, reddish plates covered with a greyish crust, with very short hair breaking at the root. These plates cause itching, thus scratching lesions and superinfections.

In the absence of treatment, these plates gradually enlarge, the edges, periphery, become scaly, while the skin, in the center, appears normal.

Like all mycoses, ringworm is sensitive to these treatments, which are called antifungals. Effective in local treatment.

It is also recommended to disinfect combs and hairbrushes with bleach.

Two positive news: given the effectiveness of treatment, it is no longer necessary to keep a properly treated child at home, in isolation. And then, when we had it once, the ringworm, we can not have it anymore! We are immune ...

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