The emergency strike is gaining momentum in France

Several emergency services have gone on strike in French hospitals in recent weeks. Caregivers are chronically understaffed and, in the face of the influenza epidemic, the situation becomes untenable. They demand more human resources.

Strikes have been going on in the emergency services for several weeks. Very difficult, the situation has become unbearable with the epidemics of winter that inflate the number of consultations.
At the Kremlin-Bicêtre in the Val-de-Marne, the movement lasted for about a week in the pediatric emergency department, driven by a lack of staff, which is nevertheless necessary to welcome patients. It was at the end of December.
At the same time in Bordeaux, the Saint-André hospital also went on strike for identical reasons: a lack of staff which causes an overload of work for the doctors, the nurses and the helpers (s) ) -soignant (s). On Monday, the strikers demonstrated in the streets of Bordeaux before being heard by the Regional Health Agency.

A filtering system

Auch in the Gers, the strike began Sunday. Again, it is a lack of staff that is at the origin of the movement. Emergency physicians are forced to cope with a lack of unresolved staff and a growing number of patients.
All emergency staff are on strike. Since Monday, entries are filtered, and anything that is not absolutely urgent is redirected to other services.

A risk to patient safety

The emergencies of the Vannes hospital in the Morbihan have been on an indefinite strike for a week. Strikers demand more resources. In an article in the daily Le Télégramme, a nurse confides anonymously: "I am not the strike movement for my safety but for that of the patients and especially for their dignity".

Lack of staff, poor organization of the service, caregivers can no longer ensure basic tasks. The list of priority reforms is to be tabled this Tuesday to the director of the institution. On Wednesday, a general meeting will decide whether to continue the strike.

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