Never hold back your sneeze, it can be very dangerous

A 34-year-old Englishman punctured his sinuses trying to restrain his sneeze. The man ended up in the emergency room with an extremely rare fracture.

Even in a meeting, with your family or with your other half, let your body work. Holding back your sneezing is dangerous. An Englishman of 34 ended up with perforated sinuses trying to prevent his nose from expressing himself. This mechanism makes it possible to evacuate the impurities. Much of the inhaled particles remain blocked in the nose, whether simple dust or viruses. That's why sneezing offers a natural regulation to the body.

A rare injury

Rest assured, you do not systematically risk a fracture if you prevent a sneeze. The example of this young British remains extremely rare. Only intense vomiting or severe coughing can cause this type of injury. In reality, the victim pinched his nose while keeping his mouth shut. He immediately felt a snap in his neck and swelling. The doctors quickly realized that air bubbles had penetrated deep tissues and chest muscles. In the end, his sinus was perforated following the increase in pharyngeal pressure. A simple sneeze turned into spontaneous pharyngeal perforation.

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