Endometriosis: the health authorities take stock. Why Doctor's file

"Let's get this disease out of the shadows! " this is the slogan of EndoFrance, the patient association that fights against endometriosis. There is urgency: more than 10% of women suffer from infertility or painful periods. These millions of women need to put a name on their pain. As much as the message has changed: we must give hope to all these women because endometriosis is being treated and the hope of having child is no longer a utopia ...

Disabling and psychologically painful pathology, endometriosis affects nearly one in ten women of childbearing age. Yet this pathology is very little known in our patients. Should we think about it before any painful menstruation? Is induced infertility irremediable? A complete file on this disease as frequent as it is ignored


Dr. Jean-François Lemoine


Pr Patrick Madelenat, gynecologist surgeon

Dr. Chadi Yazbeck, Obstetrician Gynecologist