President Trump is in very good health and it should last

US President Donald Trump has been examined by White House doctor Ronny Jackson after doubts about his state of health. His diagnosis: the billionaire is in very good health.

He is in excellent health and has good genes. White House doctor Ronny Jackson reassures the health of US President Donald Trump. The examination lasted four hours. No health problem is to be seen except a slight overweight that the head of state should try to lose this year.

Incredibly good genes

Donald Trump weighs 108.4 pounds for 1m90, a weight too high related to a diet too fat. The president is not playing sports right now, which should change this year if he follows his doctor's recommendations. As the French president, Emmanuel Macron, Donald Trump sleeps very little: between 4 and 5 hours per night. Overweight and sleep deficiency are expected to have a detrimental impact on his health, the White House doctor finds an explanation: "He has incredibly good genes, and that's how God did it! ".

The cardiac exams were good, the blood tests too, his cholesterol levels increased since 2016, but the doctor is hopeful to see him decrease thanks to the new diet of the president.

No cognitive problem

As for cognitive functions, the American billionaire has no problem either. He passed the cognitive assessment of Montreal, a test that can detect a cognitive impairment or detect a beginning of Alzheimer's. He got 30/30, the maximum score.

The doctor feels confident about the changes in the state of health of the president. For him, it is unlikely that a health problem prevents him from completing his mandate, and even from a second term.

Video: Trump in 'very good health' physician says (April 2020).