Men are the "weak sex" and it's scientifically proven

Researchers at Duke University in North Carolina (USA) have just published a study that shows that over the last 250 years, women are actually more resistant than men, especially to epidemics and famine.

We can evoke different hormones, our family jewels that are in danger with the wearing of too tight jeans and the rise in temperature ... But the real explanation is the disrepair in which is found the Y chromosome transmitted from father to son and which is the main difference between the man and the woman.

XX one is a woman and a follower of cooking. XY one has the right to make war and to urinate standing.

It was the order of things since the dawn of time ...

The Y chromosome is dilapidated

The future is not rosy. Or rather, it is too much.

The man is threatened with extinction because this Y chromosome is a real ruin that does not stop losing its genes over its millions of years of existence ...

Thus the X chromosome, which is 80 times larger than the Y chromosome, also contains 500 times more genes. The male is an imperfect combination. Take the woman. With both X's, one can repair the other at any time. While in humans, the X and Y are delivered to themselves in case of modification.

Unable to self-repair with a partner chromosome, Y degenerates, and some predict its elimination, in less than 200,000 years. Even though the interpretations vary ... since a team of very serious American researchers speak - tens of millions of years

You will tell me in both cases that gives a little time to research. But here too, the first experiences do not go in the right direction;

It is the woman who gives birth to the man. This argument alone should have made us think. The researchers know by mixing two eggs, to give birth to a mouse inheriting from each of the mothers. Obviously this descent is exclusively feminine.

Woman is not only the future of man. She can do without him and by his genetic heritage holds the future of all humanity ...

The so-called "weak" sex is the strongest.

How to save the man?

By making totally artificial Y super chromosomes and using the test-tube technique. Unless the method can be used one day

Hermaphrodite that allows selfing. This is the solution adopted by some plants, the worm or snails. But then we will be in a world of clones - holds another solution - who will not accept the difference ...