Anti-HIV antibody combination opens the door to a vaccine

American researchers have demonstrated the interest of bnAbs antibodies to fight against AIDS. They could create a new treatment or even be used preventively.

25,000 people in France are unaware of their HIV status according to Sida Info Service. 75,000 HIV self-tests were sold that same year in pharmacies. The challenge for researchers today is to find a drug that would serve as protection against AIDS.
Some antibodies are effective in preventing HIV, and could be used as treatment by US researchers. Their study was published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

The effectiveness of bnAbs antibodies

BnAbs are HIV neutralizing antibodies, but the virus has the ability to mutate and become resistant to these antibodies. A bnAb alone does not therefore fight against all forms of HIV that may be present in the body of an infected individual. Scientists are therefore interested in combinations of different bnAbs.
The combination of three of these antibodies has been shown to be effective in animals. "It is thought that the bnAbs are like signposts, they show a way that could be followed for the development of a future AIDS vaccine through the introduction of bnAbs capable of preventing HIV infection", explains David Margolis, co-author of the study.

Less restrictive treatment

If these antibodies are a hope for the creation of a vaccine, they will also be used in treatment for infected people. They could reduce the number of shots, and in combination with other drugs, they could help rid the body of the virus.

HIV research is progressing, at the beginning of January a study published in Nature Communications indicated the possibility of weekly treatment to cure the disease. Today, people with HIV need to take their triple therapy every day.

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