Sexual positions: between pleasure, compromise and stress

A new poll by the online Superdrug doctor interviewed 1,000 European and American men and women about their preferences, disagreements and anxieties about sex.

We now know a little more about Western sexual practices. A recent study proposed by Superdrug surveyed 1,000 men and women on the subject.

One of the original axes of the work concerns the stress and the anxiety in bed. A question addressed in an unprecedented way. We learn not surprisingly, that the most stressful or rather the least comfortable position is the "69 standing". It turns out that the logistics of upside down suspension involves a lot of constraints for a lot of people.

Anal sex heels. 30% of men and almost 55% of women say they do not feel comfortable with this. The "wheelbarrow kneeling"Completes the podium. Her charming name speaks for itself.

Men and women divided

The researchers also wanted to find the most desired sexual positions but men and women differ. The 69 satisfies 68% of men versus 31% of women. For its part, anal sex is seen positively by 9 out of 10 men for only 1 in 10 women. On the other hand, two-thirds of women approve of the missionary, which is the case for one-third of their partners.

Rest assured, some practices are also popular in both sexes: on a table, with the legs of his partner on the shoulders or on all fours.

Men and women are also in their anxieties. Sex in public, BDSM and everything related to the brutal sex iconic pornography create a real discomfort among respondents. The most serene practices between individuals are oral sex, masturbation and naughty discussions.

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