US doctors are exhausted and depressed

Nearly two-thirds of US doctors feel exhausted or depressed. Worse, one in three doctors admit that this feeling has an impact on work.

When doctors are sick, who can treat them? With more than 15,000 practitioners suffering from intense fatigue and depression, the United States is facing a real problem. Regarding depression, 12% of doctors feel "depressed" and report severe depression. Recent statistics on the general population of the United States show that 6.7% of adults experience these same feelings. The majority of practitioners refer to their work as the source of their misery. In fact, a Medscape survey on the lifestyle and mood of doctors revealed that they were happy when they were not working.

An impact on patients

The Medscape report also highlighted the fact that depression affects the quality of care they provide to their patients. One in three depressed physicians said he was easily exasperated by his patients and 32% said they were less committed to them. Finally, almost 15% admitted that their depression could lead them to make mistakes they would not usually make.
"The Medscape Report on Physiotherapy and Psychotherapy is one of the most important things we can do to help physicians solve these problemssays Leslie Kane, lead author of the report. Doctors are always burned out. " Experts see burnout at work as an irreversible cause of depression.

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