Beware of salt, which is a well hidden enemy

Every French person consumes, on average, without realizing it, an average of 4 kilograms of salt a year, nearly twice the World Health Organization dose limit. We must learn where salt is in the diet.

Life does not lack salt ...

The history of medicine either. Remember. The cracker without salt, the baguette without salt, the absolute horror of the diets of our parents as soon as they had a high blood pressure. And then, in the 90s, with the return to greater tolerance, the cardiologists told us not to over-salt, but to keep the pleasure of gastronomy ... By being wary of hidden salts. And that's where the board gets a little perverted. Especially if we believe an official report, which is a few years old, which tried to show that salt added excessively in foods by the agri-food industry would cause 75,000 cardiovascular events every year, 25,000 of which mortals. A number so high that many experts had spoken at the time of this publication of wacky data.

Goal: minus 20%

They probably are not that much, and the goal set by doctors and the Ministry of Health today is to lower the salt content of commercially-available foods, with a clearly stated goal of reducing 20% in the short term the average salt intake of the French. So, why this "over-salting" by the industrialists? And well to rig the weight by retaining water, so sell more expensive ... But also it seems, to thirst and encourage the consumption of drinks, produced by these same groups. Priority is given to bakeries and industrial processed meats, as well as many preserves. Extremely violent reaction of agribusiness professionals, because this reduction of 20% in salt content would cause a shortfall of 6 billion euros. A reaction that can be compared to the pressures exerted by the lobbies of alcohol and tobacco. But there is also little chance to arouse compassion, because we know that each French consumes an average of 4 kilos of salt per year, almost 2 times the dose limit set by the World Health Organization. However, we must also give some responsibility to future patients, because it is also at the table, with the salt shaker, that we exceed daily the limits set by medicine.

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