Levothyrox: the case sent back to Lyon where the Merck laboratory sits

The Tribunal de Grande Instance of Paris (TGI) acknowledged its incompetence to deal with the case of Levothyrox and referred the file to the TGI Lyon, where the Merck laboratory that manufactures the drug.

The court of first instance of Paris (TGI), seized in summary after the filing of more than 360 complaints in the case of Levothyrox, returned the file to the TGI Lyon. "This decision is disappointing and seems to us objectionable", said the lawyer of patients, Christophe Lèguevaques, referring to the fact that it is precisely in Lyon that is the French headquarters of Merck laboratories, which manufacture the drug.

Its legal director Florent Bensadoun, on the contrary considered that "the decision of the TGI of Paris is consistent and shows that this type of procedure can not be multiplied before all the civil courts of France". Me Christophe Lèguevaques wonders: "Should we go to the risk of losing several months or is it better to meet in Lyon? We are thinking about the best solution."

The Levothyrox case

Levothyrox changed its formula in France in March 2017. In the summer, thousands of patients began complaining of undesirable side effects. A total of 17,000 cases were reported to ANSM on 2.3 million patients treated in France. More than 300,000 people signed the petition calling for a return to the old formula where mannitol replaced lactose. 5062 cases were classified as serious. 14 deaths have been identified by the ANSM. The direct link with the new Levothyrox formula has not been established.

The arrival of a new medicine

A new drug based on levothyroxine and almost without excipients, should soon be made available in France. The TCAPS (Tirosint of its American name) is eagerly awaited by the thyroid patients who do not support the new formula. The TCAPS, Laboratoires Génévrier, is a specialty based on almost pure levothyroxine in the form of soft glycerin capsules. The arrival of TCAPS brings to 5 the number of drugs available for the patients of the trhyroid.

The French Association of Thyroid Patients is very enthusiastic about TCAPS, with the hope that it limits the side effects, but thyroid specialists are keen to point out that it is not a question of a miracle or universal solution.

Video: Lévothyrox. Le docteur Bouvier dénonce (February 2020).